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LIVEWIRE Engineering Services provide services to our customer at every level of the sale, from system design, training, integration, installation, testing and commissioning and after sales service. A fully equipped and specially trained technical and support staff is maintained full-time to attend to all technical, maintenance, support, service and other needs of our clients.

We are also a company synergized by technology and the environment. We  value the technological advances of the modern world without neglecting our social and environmental resposibility. Livewire offers sustainable energy, particularly in the field of Solar Energy, by offering solutions and products (Solar Panel Installation, Solar Power Inverters, Solar Panels, Solar Cables).

We are constantly focused on understanding our clients’ challenges and finding the right solution for them. Our people are positive thinkers and armed with rich technical engineering background and experiences. The efficiency and performance ratings of our staff are demonstrated by our excellent service record which is driven by passion and genuine customer care.

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LiveWire Engineering Services & Trading works with several organizations and individuals to bring clean and sustainable energy.
BigC Flour Mill
Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc.
Beti’s Best Pampanga
268 Shopper’s Mart

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