We find solutions for optimum operating efficiency towards a better
future ahead. Renewable energy option for energy sustainability and
cost cutting benefits.

Company Background

LIVEWIRE Engineering Services and Trading is company which specializes in the optimum usage of electricity. We provide our clients with Energy Management Solution to all of their energy conservation needs. Our goal is to reduce the overall energy consumption of your business up to 50% or perhaps even more. Having completed a number of energy conservation projects, LIVEWIRE Engineering Services and Trading has gained unmatched industry, business and operational expertise. We have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to deliver energy solutions that meet our customers’ needs, expectations and budgets.

There are various ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for your business. Energy Management Solutions works with your organization to identify inefficient energy consumption. We get to know your company, create customized solutions, develop cost-saving strategies unique to your operations, and ultimately implement those strategies.

We have developed and maintained several working relationships within our ever-evolving industry. This allows us to offer our clients the latest energy efficient technologies to reduce consumption. LIVEWIRE Engineering Services and Trading will continue leading the way in the energy conservation field simply by understanding our clients’ needs, and exceeding their expectations.

Our Mission

LIVEWIRE Engineering Services and Trading has a mission to serve the demands and needs for energy saving techniques by providing energy conservation and management services for businesses. This can be achieved through efficient Energy Management Solutions.

In this effort, we will provide the most comprehensive line of value-based products and services, particularly in the field of energy saving. This we will accomplish with prudence, honesty and integrity while observing basic social, moral and economic business concepts in all our undertakings.

With the best products and services at the most prudent pricing and the fairest profits, we will provide benefit and satisfaction to our clients, our employees, our owners and our society to ascertain our ultimate success with pride and dignity.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the foremost and pre-eminent entity in our field of endeavour throughout the nation. This we will achieve not only by having the best products and services but by training, developing and maintaining a management and staff of highly qualified professionals, engineers and technicians who will be acknowledged for doing their work not just with competence but with Excellence.

In all our efforts, we will conjoin with nature to ascertain the sustainability of our relationship with the environment.

Livewire believes that our future and the next generation’s future relies significantly on the preservation of our planet’s resources. Hence, it has become our mission to synergize technology and the environment.

Our Philosophy

The realization that the age of awareness for energy-saving is here and now motivates us to provide the vitally needed products and services to aid and support the unimpeded growth of the Philippine economy.

We accept that profits can be made without grievance to the welfare of our customers, employees, owners or society. While we endeavour to maximize corporate growth, we encourage the personal growth of our employees and owners.

The empowerment of the human elements of our operations will be is a master key to our success. Our managerial style leads to concerted thrusts to give us a decided advantage over our competitors. We are dedicated to our total success in realizing our Vision and fulfilling our Mission.